Curriculum Vitae

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Short Biography

I am currently a postdoc researcher at the Johns Hopkins University (moved with Prof. Alan Yuille from our previous lab at the University of California, Los Angeles). I obtained my B.E. and Ph.D. in engineering, both from Tsinghua University, in 2010 and 2015, respectively.

I work in the fields of computer vision, multimedia information retrieval and machine learning. I am interested in image classification, image retrieval, object detection and other computer vision tasks. Recently, I have been working on deep learning, especially models based on convolutional neural networks. I am also interested in medical imaging analysis, especially tissue segmentation in CT or fMRI scans.

I have published 10+ papers on the top-tier international conferences and journals. In 2015, I received the outstanding Ph.D. thesis award from Tsinghua University. I am also the winner of the best paper award at ICMR 2015.

Working Experiences